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Walking Services

Welcome to the exciting world of walking adventures in Kensington and Chelsea! I pride myself on offering a unique and dynamic experience for all dogs. I offer both group and solo walks, ensuring that every pup's personality and preferences are catered to.

Group Walks Available Weekdays 8:30am and 1:45pm

Group Walks

Monday- Friday: Pick up from 8:30am or 1:30pm

My group walks are more than just walks – they're social gatherings for your furry friends. Dogs are naturally social creatures, and our carefully curated groups provide them with the opportunity to interact, play, and form new friendships. My experience ensures that the pack dynamics are harmonious, creating an environment where each dog feels comfortable and engaged. The beautiful Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens become a playground as dogs explore together, sniff out hidden treasures, and enjoy the camaraderie of their fellow furry companions. All walks are an hour long in either Hyde park or Kensington Gardens, and the price includes pick up and drop, with a maximum of 4 dogs per group.

Solo Walks

For dogs who prefer a more personalised experience, my solo walks offer one-on-one attention and tailored adventures. Whether your dog is shy, elderly, or simply enjoys the undivided attention, my solo walks ensure that they get the exercise and mental stimulation they need in an stress-free environment. I am there to follow your dog's pace, allowing them to fully indulge in the sights and scents of the neighborhood while maintaining a safe and enjoyable experience.


Engaging and Fun Activities

I believe that a walk is more than just a stroll – it's an opportunity for exploration and enrichment. My engaging activities are designed to stimulate your dog's mind and body. From scavenger hunts that encourage dogs to use their keen senses to interactive games that enhance cognitive abilities, every step of the walk is filled with excitement and learning. Fully armed with toys, treats, and creative ideas I ensure that every walk is a memorable adventure.

Connecting with Other Dogs

Socialisation is a key aspect of my group walks. I understand that dogs thrive when they have the chance to interact with their peers. My planned routes include  open spaces where dogs can interact, play fetch, and share in the joy of being part of a vibrant community. This not only enriches your dog's life but teaches them great social skills.


My walking services in Kensington and Chelsea are more than just a routine outing – they are tailor-made experiences that cater to the diverse needs and personalities of dogs. I am committed to fostering a sense of exploration, engagement. My walks are more than just walks – they're journeys of joy and discover. Get in touch today to get there space booked in.


If I sound like the right walker for you then please don't hesitate to get in touch and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Please include your name, number and what service you are looking for in your message. Thankyou

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