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My Training Methods

Living with dogs is an amazing journey, but it’s important to work together to make a great companions. My methods focus on positive reinforcement and focusing on positive behaviours in order to reduce any unwanted behaviours.  I work closely with my clients to achieve goals and focus on the route of any issues, whether it’s calm lead walking or food aggression, I am happy to help and offer proactive solutions to help reduce any unwanted behaviours.

Puppy Programs

With my diverse range of Puppy Training Programs, there's a perfect fit for every puppy and owner. Don't wait any longer to embark on this incredible journey with your furry friend. Enroll today and let me guide you both to a lifetime of happiness, understanding, and a bond that will last a lifetime!

1 to 1 Puppy Course 

My one to one sessions are tailored to meet your dog's unique needs, building a strong bond and teaching essential commands through fun and interactive methods.

Online Puppy Program 

I bring my expertise of dog training right to the comfort of your home. My comprehensive program offers step-by-step video tutorials, interactive lessons, and personalised guidance to help you train your furry friend effectively

Building trust between you and your furry companion is crucial for successful training. It fosters a deep connection, making positive training methods more effective. With mutual trust, your pup feels secure, leading to a stress-free learning environment where they can thrive. By using positive reinforcement, like treats and praise, you reinforce this bond and make training enjoyable. The result is a well-behaved and happy dog who responds eagerly to your guidance. Invest in building trust, and you'll reap the rewards of a strong and loving relationship with your furry friend.




Patience and time are essential elements that wield a tremendous impact. Recognising that there is no one-size-fits-all approach, I understand that each dog is unique, and training methods must be tailored accordingly. Some techniques require gradual progress and consistent effort to yield optimal results, while others may need tweaking to best suit the specific needs of you and your furry companion. My commitment to you and your pet is unwavering, and we won't rest until we've discovered the perfect method to achieve the desired behaviour.


Realistic Goals

 I acknowledge that certain behaviours require time and patience to adapt, which is why I advocate for setting milestone objectives instead of solely focusing on the end goal right away. By breaking the training process into manageable steps, it creates a more enjoyable and rewarding experience for both you and your dog. Celebrating each milestone achieved along the way reinforces positive learning and fosters a sense of accomplishment, making the training journey a delightful adventure filled with bonding and mutual growth.

Practice makes perfect

I emphasise the importance of consistent practice and dedication. While some exercises may seem repetitive or tedious, every effort contributes to achieving the ultimate end goal. I encourage you to embrace the journey, understanding that there's no fixed timeline for training success. Patience is key, as each dog learns at their own pace. By savoring the training process, you'll cherish the moments of progress and growth along the way, forging a stronger bond with your furry companion and creating a fulfilling and rewarding experience for both of you.



IMDT-  Two Day Practical Dog Training 

DTC- Introduction to dog behaviour 

DTC- Official Dog Training Program


New Skills Academy- Dog First Aid Course

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