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Welcome to My One-to-One Puppy Training Service!

Congratulations on the newest addition to your family! As a dedicated puppy parent, you want the very best for your furry bundle of joy. That's where my personalized One-to-One Puppy Training Service comes in – a tailored program designed to address your pup's unique needs and your specific training goals.

With my One-to-One Puppy Training Service, you and your puppy will receive undivided attention and a customized training plan that revolves around your schedule and preferences. We'll work together to establish a strong foundation of obedience and positive behaviors, creating a harmonious bond that will last a lifetime.

Loose Lead Walking

Mastering loose lead walking is a priority. Your pup will learn to walk beside you without pulling or getting distracted, making your walks enjoyable and stress-free.

Stay Command

Teaching your pup to stay in place is a valuable skill. This command will keep your furry companion safe and allow you to have more control in various situations.

Play Biting Management

Puppies explore the world with their mouths, but I'll help you redirect their playful nips into more appropriate behaviors, ensuring a safe and pleasant environment at home.

Fun Training Games

Learning should be enjoyable! My training sessions incorporate interactive games that stimulate your pup's mind and keep their attention engaged, making the learning process a delightful experience.

Recall Training

A reliable recall is paramount for your pup's safety. Through positive reinforcement, we'll teach your furry friend to come back to you when called, even in distracting situations.

Focus and Attention

Developing focus and attention skills is fundamental to successful training. Your pup will learn to stay attentive and respond promptly to commands, setting the stage for more advanced training in the future.

Some of What Your Pup Will Learn:

Why choose one to one 

1. You and your pup will receive individualized training, tailored specifically to your needs and goals. I'll adapt the training plan to address any specific challenges or preferences you have.

2.  One-to-One training allows for a flexible schedule that works best for you. We'll set convenient training times that fit into your daily routine.

3. With undivided attention, your pup will progress faster in their training journey, building a strong foundation of obedience and positive behaviors.

4. The one-on-one interaction fosters a deeper bond between you and your pup. Enhanced communication and trust will strengthen your relationship.


5. If your puppy has specific behavioral challenges or needs, my one-to-one approach allows us to target and address those issues effectively.

Why not choose a puppy package?

Discover My Puppy Plans, your ticket to a budget-friendly and seamless puppy parenting journey! With My Puppy Plans, you'll save big by purchasing multiple training sessions at a discounted rate while also gaining access to a wealth of online training materials, from informative articles to step-by-step video tutorials. Plus, you'll have peace of mind with my phone training support, ensuring you have expert guidance whenever you need it. Give your puppy the best start in life without breaking the bank 

Great Start

Starter Puppy Package



Block of 4 - One to One Puppy Training Sessions (Dogs aged up to 26 weeks) training essentials

Valid for 6 months

4 Individual Puppy Training Sessions -One on One

6 Months Training Support

Detailed Personalised Training Plan

Access to training game videos

Best Value

Premium Puppy Starter Plan



Perfect for the new puppy parents and first time owners. Includes 6 sessions and a pre-arrival zoom

Valid for one year

6 One-on-one training sessions

1 Pre-puppy arrival zoom session

12 months phone training support

Personalised Puppy Program

A new puppy guide, covering health, vets and more

Adult Dog Training Packages

Great Start

Essential Adult Training Package



4 solo dog training sessions, dogs aged over 26 weeks. Ideal from non aggressive problem behaviours

Valid for 6 months

4 x One-to-one training sessions

6 months phone training support

Access to training videos and games

Best Value

Premium adult training package



6x 1-2-1 training sessions with a personalised training plan. Allows multiple problem behaviours

Valid for one year

6 x One-on-one training sessions

Personalised Training Folder including plan

Access to training videos and games

12 months phone training support

Unlock new horizons of learning and behaviour improvement for your adult dog aged over 26 weeks with my specialised Adult Dog Packages! These comprehensive packages are designed to help your furry companion master fresh skills, refine behaviours, and address any specific challenges you might be facing. My personalised training plans ensure that you and your dog receive tailored attention, fostering a stronger bond between you and your four-legged friend. Invest in your dog's well-being and happiness today, and watch them thrive with one of my Adult Dog Packages. 

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